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Student Works

 AU DFD student is the busiest and most rewarding group! Design, runway shows, performances, exciting every day!!

Student Works: 2018 Shishi International Fashion Week

Student Works: 2018 International Univeristy Fashion Week

Student Works: Graduation Projects

Student Works: Graduation Projects

Student work - 2015 show Nier Show! Underwear Design Contest Winners


Student work - 2014.12 GroundFive shoe Creative Design Competition Winners


Student work - 10202 closing exhibition


Student work -2014 Zhuang, Wo-Long teacher - Basic Design


Student work -2014 Huang, Ming-Yuan teacher - Painting 


Student work -2014 Love the Earth show the transformation of creative clothes design contest 


Student work -2013 Huang, Ming-Yuan teacher - design of fashion boutique 


Student work -2013 Xue, Qiu-Syong teacher- hand bag design and production


Student work -2013 HILKER New Biography - Hakka costume design contest


Students work - Aesthetic Theories in Design -2013


Student work -2013 computer graphics


Student work -2013 Hakka costume design contest entries


Green fashion student work -2010 fiber craft exhibitions


Student work -2010 industrial value-added innovation and creative design exhibitions bedding industry


Student work - Creative Design Exhibition bonus


Student work - artwork umbrella products designed dynamic exhibition cum


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