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Welcome to DFD

How to join us

Fashion undergraduate programs is conducted in Chinese. Accordingly, Chinese proficiency certificate must be provided to demonstrate capabilities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Please visit the following sites for further information.

→ Asia University International College (國際學院)

Asia University Student Recruit Department (教務處)

→ International Admissions (國際學術交流中心CIAE)

→ Scholarship (獎助學金)

→ Student Visa

Who's apply for the course

Department of Fashion Design have two courses. One is Design of fashion boutique which is a person who can wear a design-oriented clothing. Another is used with boutique and clothing. We are looking for positive students who have their own voice, willing to be challenged, and always put their efforts in making the world better. From head to toe, hat, glasses, necklace belt exc.Fashion Design welcomes you!


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International College

College of Creative Design

Collaboration (產學處)

A.U Museum of Modern Art

Asia Hospital

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