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2018 semester Pre-Arrival Program Courses

Congratulations, you become  Asia University student! 
As a college freshman you know how to make your college life fuller, richer? You know that you can not yet in school before, the first to experience college courses and credits future credit it? Asian University "English Pre-Camp" combines all the goodies course, welcome you to join us!

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7/17 Update: English Summer Camp Pre-room accommodation arrangements have been released!Detailed list


102 years of learning English at Grade 9 measuring points or more, or the total fraction 52 points or more, through the starry plan recommendation track or apply for admission to the pipeline, in September will become the school's college freshmen fresh people.

Course Description:

The course lasts 10 weeks, six weeks and four weeks entity online curriculum courses (classes at the University of Asia and the occupancy dormitory), B1 degree equivalent to the EU to provide English proficiency index (CEFR) of the full range of oral and written English language training, and strengthening workplace English Doeg (TOEIC) test and examinations skills. This course is a total of 146 hours (online courses capable of reaching 16 hours, 120 hours teachers teaching courses and related learning activities 10 hours).

Important relevant schedule:

(1) From now until 6/5 (three) online or on-site registration; Online Registration URL: 
(2) 6/6 (four) at 5:00 (p.m.) previously completed payment 
(3) 6/10 (a) to 7/19 (five) online course begins 
(4) 7/22 (a) ~ 8/16 (five) entity courses (in Asia University) 
(5) 8/16 (five) TOEIC test (outcome acceptance)


Participants after the Pre-Arrival Program ends and meets the following requirements before it can be credited Credits: 
(1) 6 weeks online on-line learning courses required to obtain 48 hours of proof, and pass the quiz. 
(2) the completion of four weeks of the school curriculum, and pass the threshold (Doeg 550 creditable 6 credits and English languages ​​graduation threshold; Doeg 450 points can be credited and English graduation threshold). Note: If you do not meet the credit when credit's eligibility, the number of certificates granted to learning.

Fees charge:

To encourage people to actively fresh Asian universities to learn, the school will offer four weeks free accommodation and lunches, school textbooks handouts, online learning software account and outdoor education tourism, in addition to this course participants $ 2,000 deposit, but only two meals a day borne meals (4 weeks) and 2,170 yuan in total insurance costs were charged 4,170 yuan a whole. To reward serious student, completed the course and passed the test Doeg 550 points or more, the margin will be a full refund, half rate by 450 points or more refund, no refund less than 450 points.


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