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Core required courses:

Apparel Structure and Making (I) (II), Fabric Materials, Posture, Color Plan, Advanced Apparel Structure and Making (I) (II), Make Up Design Basis, Exhibition Planning and Design, Graduation Project Design (I) (II)
Besides design theory and practical required courses, the main programs are “Apparel Design,” “Style Design,” and “Brand Marketing”:


Apparel Design

Courses include:
Apparel Dying Design and Application, Cloth Pattern Design, Apparel Marketing, Apparel Material Analysis, Apparel Auto CAD (I) (II), Apparel Design Creation (I) (II), 3 Dimensional Cutting and Design (I) (II), Couture Design


Style Design

Courses include:
Hair Style Basis, Cosmetic Practice, Fashion Accessories Design and Application, Hair Style Practice, Make Up Design Practice, Wig Design and Application, Painting and Make Up Design, Integrate Style Design and Application, Era Style Design and Application


Brand Marketing

Eastern and Western Fashion History, Basic Photography and Application, Accessory Design, Overseas Study, Fashion Brands Introduction, Consuming Psychology, Fashion Investigation and Research, Applied Japanese, Applied English, Collection Design and Making, Fashion Workplace Culture Practice, Brand Promotion and Media Strategy



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