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Research Overview




Research Overview

Qing-Mei Lin Chair, Full-time Professor and Vice-Dean
  • Textile and clothing design
  • Costume design
  • Color science
  • Beauty
  • Hairdressing
  • Overall design
  • Clothing psychology
  • Sociology clothing
  • Apparel merchandising
  • Cultural and creative product design
  • Fashion boutique design
Jing-Wen Lin Full-time Professor
  • Textile materials and the design and application of the popular business management and marketing strategies and applications
  • management of fiber and textile-related products
  • research and marketing strategies
  • the application of composite fiber and textile manufacturing process research
  • research methodology, human resource management
  • design knowledge and Resource Management
Qing-Hui Lin Full-time Associate Professor
  • Draping Design
  • Apparel Formation and Manufacture
  • Textile and clothing design
  • Fashion Design
Wei-Her Hsieh Full-time Assistant Professor
  • Fashion and Textile design
  • Knitwear design
  • Make-up and hair design
  • Digital Art Performance 
Huang Ming-Yuann Full-time Associate Professor
  • Art History
  • Design History
  • Aesthetics
Gao, Min-Zhi Full-time Lecturer
  • Metal crafts
  • Jewelry design
  • Fashion boutique design
  • Computer 3D jewelry design
  • Sculpture carving creation
  • Graphic design, art materials science
  • Modeling school colors
  • Picture book illustration art
Huang,Yu-Tian Full-time Assistant Professor
  • Apparel Structure and Making
  • Survey and Research of Fashion
  • Fiber and Fabric Manufacuring Process
  • Functional Textile
Tsai,Kuan-Cheng Full-time Assistant Professor
  • Design sketch
  • Introduction to Design
  • Chromatics
  • Computer Graphic
  • Survey and Research of Fashion

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