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International College
Asia University (AU) aims to raise its profile as a prestigious international university. In response to recent trends in the globalization of higher education, AU started recruiting international students in 2004. As of January 2017, AU had admitted more than 1029 international students from 46 countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, The Philippines, Colombia, Saint Vincent, Japan, Korea, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Slovakia, Romania, France, Germany, Hungary, the UK, the USA, Canada, Finland, and Zimbabwe. In order to better serve and care for its growing number of international students, AU established the International College in August, 2010, planned out its internationalization strategy and action plans, and coordinated all of its English-taught Master’s (and Doctorate) courses and undergraduate dual degree programs. This college aims to provide a friendly living and learning environment and to better coordinate and integrate in-campus teaching and research resources for our international students. Moreover, the school has improved interaction between domestic and international students by establishing the Language Corridor for involving both domestic and international students in a wide range of extracurricular activities and by setting up the host family system for the weekend. AU aspires to become a truly international university and the International College is playing a crucial role in this regard.

Exchange Program
Center for International Academic Exchange
The mission of the Center for International Academic Exchange (CIAE) is to provide support services for both international and local students at Asia University.

1.International Student Recruitment
We seek to attract qualified students with diverse backgrounds to Asia University and are responsible for:

Participating in higher education fairs as well as visiting high schools abroad for student recruitment;
Assisting prospective international students with the application and admissions process, visa application process and arrival procedure;
Issuing immigration documents to international exchange and degree students;
Advising international students with respect to immigration, visa, work permission and personal matters;
Conducting immigration orientation and immigration check-in;
Ensuring the status of international students to be in compliance with government regulations pertaining to nonimmigrants;
Providing departments with information regarding inbound students and handling the immigration-related aspects of the process.

2.International Exchange and Affairs
Our center manages all the partnership and cooperation agreements established between Asia University and other higher education institutions. We are responsible, furthermore, for establishing relationships with potential partners in order to implement new collaborations for the purpose of educational offers, faculty exchanges, cultural exchanges joint researches, and others that could be mutually beneficial.

3.International Student Mobility
The center conducts the development and growth of both inbound and outbound exchange programs. We endeavor to develop agreements with international academic institutions, and to promote education abroad, international exchange activities and other academic and cultural engagement programs for students to enhance their global competence and competitiveness.
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