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Department Strengths

Why we choose Fashion Design in AU?

1. Explore students with creative and R&D potential in fashion design

Our goal is to train professional talents with the ability in fashion design, produce, and R&D to cope with the national economic development and increase living culture standard.

2. Train personal aesthetic and fashion appraisal skills

We train students to have professional knowledge and practical skills in thinking, analyzing, judging, and creation.

3. Expand students’ vision through competitions and industrial and academic cooperation

In teaching, the teachers encourage the students to participate in all kinds of competition and strive for cooperation opportunities with the industrial field. They hope the students can get connection with the world to practice what they’ve learned and not just limit the vision inside the school. The teachers also use leisure to instruct the students to participate in National Science Committee research to cultivate design talents in all domains, combining practical and research.

4. Value international development and increase students’ foreign language competitiveness

Asia University makes sister schools with more than 70 universities around the world and dual-diplomat league with Texas University, providing chances for the students to go abroad.

5. Multiple teachers, giving the students diverse opportunity to learn

We have many senior teachers with abundant teaching experiences and young teachers with enthusiasm.
The teachers’ specialties include academic research and practical experiences, providing the students most complete learning.

6. Individualized teaching, not giving up on any student

The university pays a lot of attention to students’ learning; therefore, the teachers not only provide the most complete instruction to students with different interests and specialties but also welcome students to discuss questions regarding academic learning and life.

Outside the classroom, “life teachers,” “learning teachers,” and the dean have open discussion time, welcoming the students to make discussions.

7. Outstanding artists stationed in school, creating an artistic campus

Asia University has a strong artistic atmosphere. Besides buildings, gardens, and art pieces, we also invite many outstanding and famous artists to be the school’s artist, creating artistic sense for the campus, as well as to have more opportunity for the students to learn from the master. Asia University is promising to become the art town in central Taiwan with its strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.

8. Garden university and masters create an excellent learning environment

The beautiful garden-like campus will have different flowers in different seasons; besides the works of Lo Dan and Yang Ying-Feng, the gallery holds exhibitions with famous artists to increase the students’ aesthetic taste. Moreover, the school has feature buildings, perfectly combined with school view and art pieces.
The university invites international famous Japanese architect, Ando Tadao, to design “Tadao Art Gallery,” providing the students a unique learning environment and stimulating their sense of beauty.

9. Number one of “University Evaluation”- Private School (III), Ministry of Education

In the university evaluation of 2005, the school received excellent grades in 6 fields (social science, engineering, internationalization, continue education, consultant, and administrative support), which was number one in Private School (III).

10. Received “University Teaching Excellent Plan” for 6 consecutive years

The “I Love My School Teaching Excellent Plan,” planed by the school with creative spirit, receives teaching excellent subsidy from Ministry of Education again this year with as much as NT$ 83 million; Asia University has received teaching excellent subsidies for 4 consecutive years, which is the only newly established university that can compete with senior universities. Since 2006, the university has received NT$254 million from the Ministry of Education for 4 consecutive years, which is outstanding.

11. Create excellent fashion design professional talents with creativity, forward-looking, and internationalization.

12. Inject abundant art resources, providing the best stage in the educational environment.

13. Diverse teachers with experts in academic and industrial fields, developing fashion courses to prepare the knowledge and skills for future advanced study or employment.


Advantages of Asia University

1. 20 Advantages: the 20 reasons of choosing Asia University

2. Great accomplishments: the great accomplishment of the school in recent years

3. Number one: received 6 excellent grades in university evaluation, which was number one in private school (III)

4. Excellent internationalization: the school has great achievement in internationalization

5. Important honors: the honors and rewards received since founded

6. Outstanding teachers: the faculty that can compete with those of national universities. Excellent teachers nourish excellent school; it is a miracle in newly founded university.

7. Featured organization: actively set up professional centers or units, devoting in cultivating students with all the skills.

8. Student care: provide care in learning and all aspects in food, clothing, accommodation, and transportation so that the students can focus on the learning.

9. Campus life: school facilities and club life


Academic and industrial cooperation units




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