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Introduction of the Department

Educational Objectives
The Department of Fashion Design concentrates on “Creative Apparel Design”, “Haute Couture”, and “Brand Marketing” as its development. We first emphasize that creative design needs to complement with humanistic  aesthetics and management. We want to create competitive students with practical and rigid learning and international outlook. In order to cultivate talents in creative thinking, we emphasize the attainment of aesthetic and design thinking, hoping the students can learn from life experience and look for career opportunities. It is our goal to cultivate pioneers with vision and taste.
Words from College Dean
The College of Creative Design currently has “the Department of Digital Media Design (with master and doctoral programs)”, “the Department of Visual Communication Design”, “the Department of Creative Product Design”, and “the Department of Interior Design.“The Department of Fashion Design” was established in 2010, with the aim to integrating  resources and expanding the design education field. In the future, we hope to train young talents through cross-field cooperation, international exchange, industry-academia collaboration, participation in design competition, and creative proposal. We will try our best to accommodate the needs of national economic development and local demand, integrate practice and theory, and increase application researches.

In accordance with the motto of Asia University: Health, Caring, Iinnovation , and Excellence, we are designing some professional programs that aim to meet the need of social development and global trend. Our programs , include  “Creative Apparel Design”, “Haute Couture”, and “Brand Marketing”, which all aim to provide our students with quality and state-of-the-art education. With the thinking of fashion and art design in mind, we train professionals with humanistic spirit, good taste and fashion senses that can lead the trend.
We look forward to your joining us. This is a fashion platform for you to realize your dream.