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Development Focus

Development Focus

1. teaching objectives

   Nurturing fashion design professionals

   Conservation excellent fashion sense appreciation of talent

   Foster industrial brand creative talents future

   Conservation academic study of fashion talent

2. Basic literacy and core competencies

Happy Learning: Learning should be a happy thing, so that students can learn a happy mood,     keeping the body of mental health, in order to get the maximum learning.

Humanities and Aesthetics: combining humanistic and aesthetic education, training students in the humanities have a caring society.

Program Evaluation: Innovation must be approved by imagination, creative stage, students have the ability to assess the plan, to be presented as a valuable benefit transaction.

Cooperation: Students have the ability to cooperate actively innovation, team work approach to achieve excellence in the realm.

Report Communication: Students report and the ability to communicate, to show the student's creativity and design concepts.

International Perspective: Educating students with foreign language skills, and concern for global issues, understanding of international design trends, in order to establish an international design perspective.

Information Technology: Students use information related software and professional ability, through the integration and application of the proper completion of the work capacity.

Fashion Art: Students have fashion sense, art application design capabilities to foster the design   of fashion  professionals.