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Educational Goal


Education purpose

Train professional talents of fashion design

Train excellent fashion appraisal talents

Cultivate future brand creative talents for the industry

Cultivate research talents of the fashion trend

Basic attainment and core skill

Happy learning: learning should be a happy thing that the students can learn with a happy mood, keep healthy body and mind to get the greatest learning effect.

Humanity and aesthetic: Combine humanity and aesthetic and cultivate students to have the humanity attainment of caring the society.

Plan evaluation: innovation must go through imagination and creation; train the students to have the skill to evaluate and express it to something valuable.

Cooperation and innovation: actively cultivate the students with cooperation and innovation skills and achieve excellent with group cooperation.

Report and communication: train the students to have the ability to report and communicate so as to express their creativity and design ideas.

International view: cultivate the students to have the ability to speak foreign languages and care for the global subjects, understand international design trend to build an international design view.

Information application: Cultivate the students to use information and professional software; through integration and application, complete the tasks.

Fashion art: cultivate the students to have the skills of fashion taste and art application design and the professional talents of fashion.

Basic attainment and core skill connection chart